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Come tour and enroll!!!!
1090 W 23rd, Indianapolis IN 46208
Monday - Friday 8a-5p

Adopt A Senior

BB's Home Away From Home Adult Day Center INC is a nonprofit, geared towards giving back to the senior community. We provide a safe haven for seniors to come enjoy life enriching activities, home cooked meals, weekly outings, transportation services to & from the center and doctors appointments, and so much more. Although we accept Medicaid Waiver and have a low daily private pay rate, there is still a small population that are unable to afford to come. In recent studies, isolation within the elderly population is at an all time high but at BB's Home Away From Home Adult Day Center, we plan to help elinamate this isolation. Please donate to help our seniors enjoy all that this day center has to offer. You can donate through the donate button below. You will also find more information below. Thank you in advance for your support. 

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Dedicated To Our Mission

BB’s Home Away From Home Adult Day Center INC is a faith-based adult day center. We are dedicated to giving back to the senior community who paved a way for us by providing a comfortable, home-like setting for seniors to enjoy various activities.

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