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About Us

BB’s Home Away From Home Adult Day Center was created to give seniors a safe environment to socialize and receive physical and mental support to remain as healthy and active as they deserve to be. With this being a faith-based organization, we serve our God that is so forgiving and loves us all unconditionally. This center is intended to provide CHRIST-LIKE love and support to God’s beautiful people. Let’s face it, our seniors have lived long lives and it is nice to dedicate something so magnificent to show them the  love, guidance, wisdom and support that they have showed us over the years. 

BB's Home Away From Home Adult Day Center is a nonprofit faith based organization that is geared towards giving seniors a place to come to without having to worry about the cost. The center is completely FREE to those who qualify. We will also provide FREE transportation to and from the center, as well as outings.

Male And Female Residents Sitting In Cha
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